THE TEA PARTY Independent CD

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This an ORIGINAL CD PRESSING from Canada's psych-prog rock/pop band The Tea Party. Their first indie release is extremely hard to find, especially in mint shape, no broken case, in original sealed packaging. There are 12 tracks of which most didn't appear on their debut disc, Splendor Solis, and the ones that do are in rawer versions and more bluesy. The overall sound of the disc is more groove than progressive. Track listing is: Let me Show You The Door, Midsummer's Day, Little Miss Heaven, Winter Solstice, Save Me, Sun Going Down, Watching What The Rain Blows In, Fallen Angel, Dreams Of Reason, Goodman Rag, All My Charms, Baby What You Trying To Do To Me.

This is an ORIGINAL silver disc pressing on the band's own label Eternal Discs. According to Wikipedia there were only 3500 indie CDs ever produced of which some were cassettes. There were two pressings of the indie CD, this CD is the rarer first pressing shown by the holographic words “Disque Americ – Canada” printed in the small circle of the CD. The second pressing was on “Cinram.” Every CD manufacturer and record label has their name etched on the CD.

Beware of the fake bootleg CD version which does not show this information and has poorly printed covers. A limited number of CDs are being made available at the lowest price you will find on any collector's sites.

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