The Ground Cries Out CD

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Jeff Martin – The Ground Cries Out (2011)

1) The Ground Cries Out
2) Queen Of Spades
3) She’s Leaving
4) The Cobra
5) 1916
6) The Meekong
7) One Star In Sight
8) Blue Mountain Sun
9) Santeria
10) Riverland Rambler
11) The Pyre

“My favourite albums are all over the map,” asserts enigmatic songwriter and performer Jeff Martin about the crucial elements of his favourite music: balance and diversity. 'You can tell it's the same band but they stretch their wings; are not afraid to walk to the edge, look over and perhaps fall. That's what I want this band to be. If I'm going to commit to a record – especially rock 'n' roll – I don't want everything to sound the same.” With his latest venture The Ground Cries Out, this Canadian legend not only tests his own theory of boundary-pushing, he takes on that precipice with ardent enthusiasm and stunning results. Forged in the spirit of the classic power trio, The Ground Cries Out boasts Martin working with/inspired by like-minded and equally-talented musicians in bass player/multi-instrumentalist Jay Cortez and longtime friend and revered session/touring drummer Malcolm Clark.

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